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The principle:
$25 for you + $25 for me See the conditions

If you are on this site, you probably know what a Fizz referral code is for. Otherwise, here is a short reminder of the principle.

How does it work? Learn

As a Fizz subscriber, I have a referral code. This code is a sequence of characters (example: E72WZ ) that I can give to anyone who is not a customer of Fizz. This person enters this code when subscribing to a Fizz service: mobile or Internet. Using this code when subscribing to Fizz allows you to receive a $25 credit on your future payments. In return, I get also the same amount, because you used my referral code to subscribe.

To benefit from this windfall, we don't need to know each other; you don't even have to let me know that you want to use my code. Just use it! Fizz will only inform me that you have used my code, without giving me your personal information. Your confidentiality is thus ensured, since no information concerning your account or your subscription is communicated to me.

25 dollars Fizz Referral Bonus

How to subscribe with Fizz ?

Subscribing with Fizz is done in 7 easy steps. Each of the steps depends on the Fizz service that interests you: mobile or home internet.

To subscribe to Fizz mobile Learn

  1. Do you need a phone?
  2. Create your package here. You will be prompted to open an account for this.
  3. If you already have a phone, order your SIM card and wait for the delivery; otherwise, go to the next step.
  4. Once your phone and / or your SIM card have been delivered, go to your Fizz account and activate your card.
  5. Modify or confirm your package.
  6. Do you already have a phone number from Quebec or the Ottawa region?
  7. Insert your SIM card into your phone, and wait a few minutes or hours for the activation to complete.

To subscribe to Fizz internet Learn

  1. Check here if the Fizz internet service is available at the address where you want to be connected.
    • If the map is covered with a color other than green, unfortunately you cannot subscribe to the Internet Fizz.
    • If the map is covered in green, go to the next step.
  2. Do you already have a Fizz Mobile account?
    • No? Sign up here.
    • Yes? Login here, then proceed as follows:
      • Click on "Overview" (top-left);
      • Search "Mobile or home internet plans" (middle-right);
      • Click on "Get started".
  3. Choose your internet package here.
  4. Choose how you want to install and configure the wireless modem: either yourself or by a technician (with a cost of $ 60).
  5. Choose the date and time of the installation of the wireless modem. A technician will bring it to you. And if you preferred to install it yourself, the technician will at least make sure that the signal is available in the socket where you are going to plug your modem, then he will go away.
  6. Register your credit card for future payments.
  7. Cancel your internet subscription with your old provider.
How to subscribe to Fizz with a referral code

A member as others

Clearly, I am neither an employee, nor a partner, nor an investor of Fizz. Neither I nor any loved one receives any special privilege or advantage from Fizz for this initiative.

About me Learn

I'm just a customer who thinks he made a good decision by subscribing to Fizz. This initiative aims to encourage as many people as possible to do the same, not only because I believe that the price / quality ratio is the most advantageous in the geographical areas covered by Fizz; but also because by subscribing with my code, I save a few dollars, just as much as you.

So, if you liked what you read, thank me by subscribing with my code, or by sharing it with someone you think might be interested. Do not hesitate to give me your opinion on what you have read on this website.


Use this referral code when subscribing to Fizz